Imagine the Left as Satan Himself

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

I love Canada Free Press.

I’ve used them many times as a reliable source. Their commentators are known for accuracy and truth, and they are brilliant writers.

My husband came across a piece from their site recently and sent it to me. I immediately knew that the Lord wanted me to cover it.  That news outfit does not beat around the bush or attempt even a modicum of political correctness.

The Canada Free Press is unapologetic “In your face” Conservative thought. Period. You will not find fake news on their website.  The incredibly out of control actions of Leftist Liberals are a never ending source for the Conservative writers.

Chief Justice Kavanaugh

Wow!  It sure feels great to write Brett Kavanaugh’s new title before his name. The American people witnessed Satanic and Saul Alinsky-like behavior when the liars gave false testimony against this man.

They dragged Kavanaugh through their own…

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